Toxic Torts/Environmental

In this ever-growing area of law, defendants are faced with potential liability that can be intimidating and catastrophic. Because of this, it is important to have experienced attorneys that understand their client’s situation and provide them with the highest level of service, while at the same time controlling the costs that can be associated with these cases, costs that can be extensive. The attorneys of Parsons, Lee & Juliano have been integrally involved in many of these cases, including some of the largest cases that have ever been pending in Alabama. This experience has provided them with the necessary tools and technology to provide not only the highest level of representation, but also the ability to manage cases electronically, which facilitates a cost-effective and efficient method of communication between the firm and their clients that is necessary in these types of cases. Through the use of these tools, Parsons, Lee & Juliano is able to position its clients in the most advantageous posture for resolution, whether that be trial, settlement, or dispostive motion.