Medical Malpractice

When Parsons, Lee & Juliano was formed in 1986, it continued its practice of defending hospitals, physicians, pharmacists and other healthcare providers throughout the state of Alabama. Our attorneys have extensive experience in representing healthcare providers in all kinds of liability claims. During over a quarter century specializing in medical malpractice defense the firm has developed invaluable resources and relationships with professionals who independently review cases to determine the merits, or lack thereof, of claims presented against healthcare providers. It has access to the latest in medical research concerning the issues in controversy as well as state-of-the-art technology for presenting demonstrative evidence in the courtroom. The firm has also developed an invaluable support staff enabling it to present the issues that are the subject of a controversy in a clear and understandable fashion to a jury or board of review. All of this allows Parsons, Lee & Juliano to provide each client a comprehensive and cost-effective representation.